Sunday, January 20, 2008

How to find out her bust size (investigate)

Let say you are planning to buy her a set of sexy lingeries as a surprize, but you have no clue what size she is wearing, what are you gonna do?

So you are thinking you should be checking her everyday lingeries and the newest one inside her closet right? That's right, since her figure can change so much over time, that size printed on the bra she's been wearing recently should be the most updated and you can't go wrong with it. Go check the lable inside one of her bra and you should see bunch of numbers and letters like these:
2 digit number = band size (see Knowing her Bra size if you are unsure)
Letter = Cup Size

Band Size
Usually if the number is bigger than 65, then it is measured at cm, that's what the Japanese and European size use as the measurement unit.
In the other hand, if the number is smaller than 65 (regular from 30 to 40ish), then it is measured at inches, that's what the Americans and UKs use as the measurement unit.
If you are trying to convert the sizes, and even more on the sizes difference for France, Italy, Australia, try the chart below:
So if she is wearing a Japanese bra size 70, that equals American size 32.
If she is wearing an American bra size 38, that means she is gonna need a Japanese size 85 or an Italian size 4, so on and so forth.

Cup Size
The "region code" are fairly similar, but here is the conversion (Cup Size Chart):

Happy shopping~!
Knowing her Bra size (measuring)

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